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450 barrels/hour mineral water filling equipment
Product introduction

1. It is applicable to the filling of 3-5 gallons of pure water, mineral water and mountain water. The output is 100-3600 barrels/hour and can be customized. The specifications and models are: linear type: QGF-150, QGF-300, QGF-450, QGF-600, QGF-900, rotary type: QGF-1200, QGF-1500, QGF-1800, QGF-2400, QGF-3000, QGF-3600. The production line has complete stand-alone equipment.

2. Production process: barrel feeding → film cutting and capping machine → high-pressure barrel washing machine → QGF six in one host (automatic barrel loading, washing, filling, capping, capping, and cap disinfection) → light inspection box → automatic labeling machine → steam shrinking furnace → coding machine → automatic bagging machine → palletizer → finished product

3. PLC programmable system control, integrated management, high automation program, only 1-3 people can complete the operation from source water to finished products

4. It meets the requirements of the national 2022 new standard 10 station flushing, and can be customized according to the requirements of effective flushing of 12 stations - 18 stations.

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