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5T/H two-stage reverse osmosis
Product introduction

The water treatment reverse osmosis production line is suitable for water treatment equipment in food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries. Reverse osmosis is an energy saving and effective membrane separation technology. It mainly uses the permeation principle of the semi permeable membrane to apply a pressure to it in a certain way. The force in the reverse direction of natural permeation makes the water in the concentrated solution permeate into the dilute solution, which is called reverse osmosis.

Introduction to professional production line equipment of water treatment reverse osmosis: RO reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology driven by pressure by means of the labor force of selecting permeable (semi permeable) membranes. When the pressure applied in the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the influent solution, water molecules continuously penetrate the membrane, flow into the central pipe through the water production channel, and then flow out of impurities in the water at one end, such as ions, organics, bacteria, viruses, etc, It is intercepted at the inlet side of the membrane, and then flows out at the outlet end of the concentrated water to achieve separation and purification. Permeation is a physical phenomenon. When two kinds of water with different concentrations of salts are separated by using a semi permeable membrane, it will be found that the water on the side with less salt will permeate through the membrane into the water with higher salt content, but the salt content will not permeate. In this way, the salt concentration on both sides will be gradually merged until they are equal. This process is called natural infiltration. RO reverse osmosis is a separation method that separates solute and solvent in solution by means of selective interception of semi permeable membrane under pressure.

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