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Fruit juice filling pretreatment system
Product introduction


The beverage pre-treatment system is applied to the complete set of pre-treatment equipment for hot filling and aerated beverage filling. It adopts European advanced technology, and its appearance and internal quality meet the standards of similar products. The equipment adopts professional process design, high-quality sanitary pipe valve accessories, precision control instruments and electric control components.

Exquisite packaging always attracts consumers, but we believe that "good drinking is the absolute principle". Good drinks must have good nutrition, taste, flavor and color. In addition, we pay more attention to the health and safety of beverage products. With high-quality raw materials, unique formula and advanced technology, you also need a complete set of sophisticated equipment. Pretreatment usually includes hot water preparation, sugar dissolution, filtration, blending, sterilization, and some drinks also need extraction, separation, homogenization, degassing and other operations. Of course, CIP system.

Technical features:

Beverage pretreatment mainly includes: hot water system, sugar dissolving system, auxiliary material system, blending system, CIP system, extraction system, various storage tanks, valves, pipe fittings, UHT system (plate/tube type), mixing machine (manual/automatic).

1. Hot water system: provide process hot water for sugar dissolution, juice/accessories/milk reduction.

2. Sugar dissolving system: Dissolve sugar with good texture in a certain amount of hot water to make syrup of expected concentration, and then store it for standby after heat preservation, sterilization, filtration and cooling.

3. Auxiliary material system: provide reduced juice, stabilizer and other small materials required for blending.

4. Blending system: all syrup, other main and auxiliary materials, fruit juice and RO water are pumped into the blending tank in sequence according to the requirements of the blending process. Stir and mix evenly in the mixing tank, and conduct sampling inspection. Let the feed liquid stand and prepare for the next process.

5. CIP system: can realize the management of cleaning formula, and carry out various forms of cleaning according to the process requirements; The concentration, temperature and other parameters can be recorded, which is convenient for computer to analyze and print the parameters.

6. Extraction system: the unique extraction tank structure is used to realize the automatic slag removal of the extraction equipment, so as to improve the extraction efficiency and the extraction equipment and operators. It is especially suitable for the extraction of tea juice, and is a reliable and high-quality special equipment for extraction.

7. UHT system (plate/tube type): based on the principle that the sensitivity of microorganisms to high temperature is far greater than that of most food ingredients to high temperature, the degree of influence on food quality is limited to quickly and effectively kill microorganisms in food under less conditions, and can well preserve the quality of food. Therefore, UHT is widely used in sterilization of dairy, beverage and other industries under thermal conditions.

8. Mixing machine (manual/automatic): the mixing machine produced by our company adopts reasonable process design, which can realize the stable and safe preparation of aerated beverages, improve the quality and stability of beverages and the automatic operation of the whole process of the system, and can obtain bubble free products that are well combined with CO2.

Application field: The beverage pretreatment system is mainly used in the complete set of pretreatment equipment for hot filling and aerated beverage filling

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