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Bottle sorting machine
Product introduction


The automatic bottle sorting machine is developed by our company according to the market demand, introducing the advanced foreign fully automatic rotary bottle sorting machine technology to sort out the disordered plastic bottles, which are sent into the bottle storage machine of the bottle sorting machine by the elevator. With the thrust of the rotary table, the bottles can be positioned in the bottle compartment by themselves. Through the bottle turning device and the air flow, the bottles are arranged into upright bottles, and the sorted plastic bottles are transported to the filling machine, which improves the production efficiency, Save labor and realize automatic bottle sorting machine.

Main features:

1. The whole process of the equipment is controlled by the PLC programmable system, with variable frequency speed regulation, adjustment of production capacity, and automatic removal of squeezed or deformed bottles.

2. The main motor reducer adopts a torque limiting mechanism to prevent damage to the machine in case of failure.

3. Double pushing bottle discharging mechanism is adopted to ensure that each bottle dropping station has bottles and improve bottle discharging efficiency.

4. Broken bottle removal mechanism

5. The main electrical components (frequency converter, PLC, photoelectric switch, relay) are MITSUBISHOMRONSIEMENS and other components.

6. Imported products are used for the gas circuit system.

The main engine is cylindrical in shape. The bottom of the cylinder is equipped with an adjusting bracket to adjust the height and level of the machine. A fixed umbrella tower is installed in the center of the machine.

The output can be customized according to customer demand (6000-30000 bottles/hour)!

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