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Product introduction


The large bucket water stacker is used to stack the canned 5 gallon buckets on the pallet (wood, plastic) in a certain order, and automatically stack them. It can stack multiple layers, and then automatically transport them to the actual pallet station for forklift transportation to the warehouse.

Equipment features:

1. The equipment is controlled by PLC+touch screen to realize intelligent operation management, human-computer dialogue, display production speed, fault cause and location, and high degree of automation. It is simple and easy to master, which can greatly reduce labor force and labor intensity.

2. The design adopts the concept of high speed, stability and space saving. It adopts separate disc release, which is faster and more space saving. One machine can be used for multiple purposes and can be adjusted quickly. It can be used for stacking products of various specifications.

3. Low position stacking type, international advanced design concept, more advanced and reasonable structure, lighter and more stable action, and less power consumption.

4. Low noise, less than 75db, in line with international standards.

5. Meet the requirements of food hygiene: oil-free pneumatic components are used, and 60% of the moving parts are humanized design without oil injection for life, which reduces a lot of use costs for users.

6. Scope of application: barreled water, carton, transfer box, etc.

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