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Film coating machine
Product introduction


The fully automatic film wrapping machine is specially designed and manufactured for the high-speed packaging requirements of drinks (pure water, beverages, fruit juice, dairy products). In the process of product transportation, it can be automatically combined into packages, saving time and improving packaging efficiency. The high-end model adopts the touch screen operation panel, which has a friendly interface, fast parameter setting, and is convenient for man-machine communication and control. This equipment is a high-quality choice in the field of domestic medium speed heat shrinkable film wrapping machine.

It is suitable for packaging beer, beverages, purified water, fruit juice, dairy products, etc. It realizes the transfer and arrangement of fully automatic bottles, film packaging, sealing, cutting, shrinking, cooling and shaping. Advanced thermostatic hot film binding technology is used to ensure faster sealing cooling and higher sealing strength.

The film coating machine produced by Suzhou Renyu Machinery adopts PLC program to automatically control and stabilize, and its performance is reliable. The inductive switch controls the membrane transmission system to reliably adjust and control the membrane transmission length to reduce losses. All transmission systems are controlled by frequency change control equipment.

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