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Full automatic bottle blowing machine
Product introduction

Overview: High speed bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing various plastic containers and beverage bottles made of PET. High speed bottle blowing machine adopts special electric control circuit to design lamp heating, which can adopt single or multiple synchronous control with high efficiency and reduce power consumption. Heat transfer analysis and feedback theory are applied to set the thickness of the bottle according to the shape of the bottle embryo, and the heating box is kept at a constant temperature. The bottle embryo is not interfered by external environmental factors and is heated evenly.

Equipment features:

1. The high-speed bottle blowing machine has a simple structure, and the main body of the oven is integrated with a slideway, which is convenient for maintenance; The unique lamp tube installation method is suitable for bottle embryo with different structures;

2. Low energy consumption, high degree of automation and simple operation. The hidden danger of no personal injury avoids the danger of semi-automatic manual bottle taking, reduces the loss caused by accidents, and improves the production efficiency;

3. The action is stable, with double toggle, strong mold locking force of main linkage hinge mechanism, and the mold closing and pressurization function during high-pressure bottle blowing. The action is stable and reliable;

4. The high-speed bottle blowing machine has a human-machine interface, which is convenient for operation, stable operation of the whole machine, few failures and fast bottle blowing speed;

5. The output is high and stable, and the automatic embryo loading equipment does not block the embryo, ensuring stable and efficient product output;

6. The infrared lamp tube is used for heating, and the penetrating force is strong enough to heat evenly. The width and height of the reflector plate can be adjusted, which can be suitable for heating the preforms of different structures;

7. The air circuit design action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the requirements of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action, and realize high pressure blowing of products. High pressure bottle blowing exhaust recovery system can also be purchased, which can save 10-15% of the air source;

8. The detection elements shall be famous brand products, and the strong current control shall be imported famous products with reliable performance, accurate response and long service life;

9. Automatic detection function of high-speed bottle blowing machine: it has automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment kinetic energy.

10. It can store the blowing process parameters of many different bottles. When changing different molds and preforms, it can directly retrieve data from the computer without readjustment.

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