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Glass bottle capping machine
Product introduction

1、 Purpose and characteristics

It is applicable to the production of aluminum anti-theft cap sealing machine for various wines and other bottled liquids in distilleries and beverage industries. This machine is simple, reliable, high quality, labor saving, compact, reasonable design, strong adaptability, convenient maintenance, and durable.

2、 Main technical parameters

Production capacity: 1000-15000bph (speed can be adjusted according to user requirements)

Applicable cap: plastic cap, metal cap, (aluminum cap, aluminum foil cap, tinplate cap)

Applicable bottle height: 100-370mm (can be ordered if exceeding the specification range)

3、 Product features

1. High degree of automation, simple operation, stable operation, can effectively save enterprise costs and production efficiency.

2. Each single machine can complete its work independently, and has an independent operating system, as well as digital control display and other electrical components to control and adjust various parameters and display settings. It can help enterprises realize standardized production.

3. Each single machine is linked and separated quickly, and the adjustment is fast and simple to ensure the coordination of each production process.

4. Each single machine can adapt to the packaging of multi specification material bottles with few adjustment pieces.

5. This packaging production line adopts new process design and conforms to GMP standards.

6. The production line runs smoothly, with convenient combination of functions and maintenance. Various production combinations can be carried out according to users' respective product process requirements.

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